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Personal short-term borrowing (short split)

    personal short-term borrowing (short split) when you need a certain amount of money, for business or investment, but also in a short time, then, short split is a path that can be selected. Ways to without going through the cumbersome Bank loan counseling, provide real estate certificates or certificates will be required within 24 hours of funds! Also had his shortcomings, and that higher interest rates than banks.

    processing terms: ownership (public, private, corporate, real estate contracts can be), have a steady income, the couple were able to be present to confirm (owner spouse cannot be present, negotiable)

    advantages: fast processing speed, lending time not longer than 1 day. Lending conditions loose, high rate of approval!

    cons: higher interest rates, not suitable for long-term loan consultation (usually not more than 3 months)

    of material to be supplied: 1, real estate certificates, ID, account, if you get married you must provide a marriage certificate and account of this spouse identity card

    2, car proof, ID, account, purchase invoice, license, Vehicle and the keys.

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The main business
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