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Personal mortgage

    If you are in a hurry to spend money, you may be thinking sold name in real estate, we recommend that you use the name home mortgage loan, you can be in does not lose ownership of cases with loans from the Bank, but you can also mortgage property rental, rent relief month repayment pressure.

   , loan counseling requirements:

   , Wuxi has the property (or housing and land), 18-65 of citizens, has a stable source of

    II, loan percentage of consulting and experience:

     70%, maximum of 30 years, specific loan advice line needs to assess the market value of collateral

    III, information:

    ID, account, hand, proof of income (more than twice times the monthly payment), a title certificate.

    Note: If the housing loan Advisory itself, or you can do the second mortgage advice. If the borrower is not a property owner, property rights without the consent of the people, can do third-party mortgage advice.

The main business
Wuxi Tongshun Loan Company

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