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Loans backed by deposit receipts

    personal loans backed by deposit receipts Advisory is based on the borrower's outstanding regular local and foreign currency deposit pledge, achieved a certain amount of Renminbi loans from the Bank and repay the loan principal and interest of a loan combined with the business.

    • consulting loan

    personal pledge of loans backed by deposit receipts in principle, the consultation period shall not exceed the deposit maturity date, and not longer than one year. If more than one individual hypothecated, time to maturity of the most recently identified the loan period. Required for automatic renewal of certificates of deposit depending on the length of automatic renewal to determine.

    • consult loans interest rate

    interest rate personal loans backed by deposit receipts by the people's Bank of China announced the interest rate for loans of the same grade, may, within the limits prescribed by the people's Bank of float. Borrowing term of less than six months according to the interest rate on six-month loans, according to the original interest rate of the loan and the actual loan days in advance. If the people's Bank of China adjusted interest rates, interest rate under the contract in the term of the loan.

    • consult loans purposes

    borrower loans could be used to buy houses, cars, large consumer durables and home renovations, vacations, educational, consumer demand, and funding needs for the normal operation.

    • consulting credit

    personal loans backed by deposit receipts beginning for 1000 Yuan; loan amounts not exceeding in principle pledge of deposit value of 90% calculated on highest pledge rate for dollar loans does not exceed the deposit value of 90%; hypothecated for other currency rates shall not exceed a maximum deposit amount 85%, Foreign currency deposits at the day the Exchange (money) buying into RMB.

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The main business
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