The main business

Car loan (guarantee)

    the company provides professional advisory services on car loans:

    than the 4S shop management advantages:

    1 time and maximum of 7 days.

    2 high efficiency, simple procedures, do not need to provide some of the most complicated procedure

    3-free guarantee fee, you do not need security company involved, you save a large sum of expenditure

    4 all insurance costs low (counter point you can return to the customer), the customer can also full coverage on

  &Nbsp;  5 to establish after-sales service for customers (including ordinary car body scratches), replacing the small hanging against the insurance company delayed time.

    car: more than 60,000 yuan

    credit: more than 40,000

    loan terms: 1-5-year

    repayment options: matching interest

    Lending rates: the Central Bank benchmark interest rates, floating 10%

    loan Advisory percentage: Max 80%

   : car cost

    fee: purchase additional tax = car/(1+17%) X10%

    Compulsory insurance: 6 seats 950, 6 more than 1100

    licensing: 365

    taxes: 420

The main business
Wuxi Tongshun Loan Company

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