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The basics of commercial loans

    many business owners will carry out commercial loans because it can supplement working capital loans for industrial and commercial enterprises. What conditions do apply for a business loan?

    business loan application conditions:

    have full civil capacity of a city of urban residents and have the right of abode in a certain permanent residents outside, outside, foreign citizens, when applying for a loan must fulfil the following conditions:

    has legal residence; have a stable job and income ; Has loan line recognized of assets for mortgage or pledge, or (and) has meet provides conditions of guarantor for its guarantees; has purchase housing of contract or agreement; has regular reimbursement loan principal and interest of capacity; proposed borrowing application Shi, in CCB has not below purchase housing by needed funds of 30% of deposits, if has for purchase advances paid to sale room units of, is needed provides payment receipt of original and copies; commercial borrowing applicants should provides of material borrowing people to bank handling institutions or has and Bank signed "cooperation agreement" The developers fill out individual mortgage loan application form and provide the following materials:

    my residence booklet, identification cards or other valid residence certificate; occupational and income; the purchase contract or letter of intent and other relevant documents; down payment of the total price 30% certificate other materials required by the banking agencies.

    commercial loan processing procedure:

    the borrower signed a purchase contract with developers at the same time delivery 30% purchase; about information law firm review Bank received the legal opinion issued by the law firm of examination and approval, and buyers who sign a loan contract, contract, contract; housing and mortgage registration formalities according to relevant information, insurance, Contract legalization, and loans.

    the borrower equal value method was used to handle payments. The outstanding loan principal, the borrower can repay, early repayment period are still charged interest. No penalty is charged.

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