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Standard Chartered Bank suspected to stop housing loan

    recently as banks offer home loans, housing loans is getting hotter. Recently, this reporter specifically visited to Standard Chartered Bank.

    number of outlets at Standard Chartered Bank said currently does not provide mortgage business of Standard Chartered Bank, the reporter then call sales at Standard Chartered Bank Shanghai Branch, the officer also said that the Bank currently does not provide mortgage business.

    as early as last November, the branch of Standard Chartered Bank's business told the newspaper, Standard Chartered have suspended mortgage. Standard Chartered Bank Shenzhen Branch staff has revealed that RMB loan business of Standard Chartered Bank in October last year has been suspended.

    "now Standard Chartered Bank mortgage, not only is the US branch, branch of the Standard Chartered Bank all mortgages. "Standard Chartered Bank Beijing Branch loan officer told the securities journal. "Mortgage-no, we now only individual small loan business, but this is a consumer loan, up to 500,000, and to provide consumer receipts and invoices, so cannot be used as a mortgage. "

    reporters exclusively interviewed the Standard Chartered Bank (China), head of the mortgage Department, the official said, no change in the policy of the Bank's mortgage business, client applications through the normal process, confirmed by the verification processes in accordance with the relevant housing and mortgage policies, the Guild has granted approval and payment.

    "Standard Chartered personal deposits of high cost, high lending rates will naturally, high interest rates and being criticized, so we might as well give up, needs direction in the unsecured loans, where competition is less fierce. "One person close to Standard Chartered Bank pointed out in an interview.

    "may also be worried about the risk of loans. "The reporter interview one banking analyst said:" at present, a number of banks are in compressed scale of real estate loans, which might account for standard chartered banks to stop loans. ”

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