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Provident Fund loans tips

    is now more and more people use the Provident Fund loans. Provident Fund loans are convenient, but there are a lot of common sense you need to know that only a comprehensive understanding of Provident Fund loans in order to avoid running into some mistaken ideas, so as to avoid causing unnecessary trouble.

    most of the city not only provides a single housing common reserve fund loan maximum amount, but also the Housing Fund of the total loan amount not exceeding 70%; specific housing Provident Fund loan limit is:

    loan applicant and spouse fund personal monthly deposit amount and actual deposit ratio รท x12 (month) x0.45 (repayment ability factor) x Loan term (the maximum loan period) if the deposit ratio of both spouses is not consistent, determined according to the high proportion of actual deposit ratio.

    not higher than the loan applicant and spouse of loan repayment ability determines limits.

    application for Provident Fund loans should meet monthly payments/monthly income is not more than 50% (monthly repayment includes existing liabilities and the monthly repayment of indebtedness and).

    Provident Fund loan process 1, lenders need to apply in writing to the Bank apply for housing accumulation Fund loan, fill out the housing accumulation Fund loan application form and provide the following information: the

    applicant and spouse housing Provident Fund deposit certificate applicant and spouse of identity (a permanent household registration book and identity card, a valid residence document), proof of marital status Family stable income proof and others have an impact on ability to repay debt certificates valid identification documents such as contracts, agreements to buy housing; for collateral, guarantee, pledge list, ownership certificate and proof of disposal agrees mortgage, pledge, collateral valuation certificate issued by the relevant departments; provident funds other information sought by the Center.

    2, the complete loan application information banks admissibility in a timely manner and submitted to the Provident Fund Centre in a timely manner.

    3, Provident Fund Centre is responsible for approving loans, and to notify the Bank promptly of the outcome.

    4, Bank Provident Fund Centre informed the applicant of the outcome for the loan procedure, couples by the borrower and the Bank signed the loan contract and the relevant contract or agreement, and send loan contract procedures, such as provident fund Centre for review, approved the allocation of Commission loan fund for Provident Fund Centre, by the trustee Bank loans in full and on time and as agreed in the loan contract.

    5, mortgage guaranty, the borrowers into the housing is located area of housing property management departments registration procedures for mortgage, mortgage contract or agreement signed by the couple, pledge of securities, borrowers Securities Management Department or Union Center reception for safekeeping.

    loan terms are mostly customized housing common reserve fund loan conditions, urban conditions requires roughly the same, taking Beijing as an example:

    1, with Beijing within the administrative area of permanent residence or effective residence certification of trade unions; 2, the application has more than one year in a row the normal pay Housing Fund, and did not withdraw fund to cover the housing down payments, While no Provident Fund loan balance; 3, and has purchase housing of contract or agreement, and first payment amount not below by purchased housing value of 30%; 4, and has more stable of career and the economic income, has corresponding of loan reimbursement capacity, personal credit good; 5, and has Provident Fund Center recognized of assets as mortgage or pledge, or has enough compensatory capacity of units as guarantor; 6, and Provident Fund Center provides of other conditions.

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