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How to identify informal guarantees the company's deception

    security company fire, many fraud companies take advantage of this fertile land, its guarantees on behalf of the company to deceive customers, so to prevent their gullible?

    1, unsecured loans: this trick often deceive those who have just entered the community, people who want to start your own business without any assets. In today's society, borrow money from relatives and friends were so difficult, you faceless finance company with what and what not to lend you money? Really think like Hong Kong gangster movie, like you don't have the money to find a few thugs poured petrol brush to your house cost? This so-called unsecured company will give you a very good prospect of description in advance, and then charge you for the so-called investigation fees, home visit fees, fees, and more ... ... The end result is not a loan company ran away is your qualifications do not meet the lending requirements of the company, but before you pay the fee cannot be refunded! What is more directly on the wound to the first trick, let you run large credit card ... ...

    2, arranged loans: this trick often cheated some conditions do not meet Bank loan and personal credit are people who don't meet the lending criteria and conditions. Such scams and credit card similar, regardless of whether the property you mortgage bank lending requirements, regardless of whether your personal credit line with banks, we can pass and bank relationships and President of black-box give you loans. Now that you know your bank's conditions are not met, we get you the loan you have to pay a fee to manage the people in the Bank ... ... Final results or say? There is empty or not charges cannot be refunded!

    3, large credit card agent: this deception often lies on the lack of knowledge the loans and money-hungry middle aged. Cheater usually claim to do handling large credit card help you, charge you fees. Last credit card do not fees are not returned to you! First, Bank do credit card are is free of, and lines of size is according to personal of assets situation and levy letter situation to of, is not you make money on batch have more not make money on not to batch, so what so-called of with bank relationship good, with President relationship good can help you batch large credit card, these procedures fee is took to RBIs Bank of lies General people had had brain on can wants to out. Having a credit card you can make as much money, up to 200 bucks? You are not willing to pay more, I am not President of the said credit card approval does not pipe, that is what he is in charge of head of the family know what you? To you 200 money petty to violate the provisions of the CBRC at risk of dismissal to hoodwink you do credit card?

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