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Concept of short-term borrowing and accounting

    short-term loans which refers to banks or other financial institutions to borrow in a period of 1 year (1 year) of various loans.

    short-term borrowing of accounting

    1. opened of account: to reflect and supervision various short-term borrowing of made and returned business, Enterprise except should set "short-term borrowing" account outside, also should by creditors set breakdown households, and by borrowing type, and loan people and currency species for details accounting enterprise take into of various short-term borrowing, take remember "bank deposits" account, loan remember "short-term borrowing" Account when you repay the loan, debit "short-term borrowings" account is credited to "Bank" account "short-term borrowings" account credit balance at the end, reflect the principal amount outstanding short-term borrowings.

    the balance sheet date, shall be determined according to the calculation of interest on short-term borrowing costs, debits "financial cost", "interest expenditure" accounts is credited to "Bank", "interest payment" and other subjects.

    2. accounting:

    (1) when they borrow short-term loans:

    by: bank deposit (the principal)

    credit: short-term loans (principal)

    (2) the processing of payments and debt service: (difficult)

    a. interest paid in the month of the month

    b. accrued each month, paid quarterly

    c. due a repayment

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