Unsecured loans and small and medium enterprises by the public welcome

    with China's rapid economic development in recent years, residents ' need to boost personal consumption, do not require any collateral or guarantee, provided that they have stable jobs and income, you can relax from the Bank loans consumer loans of tens of thousands of Yuan or even hundreds of thousands of Yuan for selling personal unsecured loans since its launch on demand from the community.

    in addition, there are a lot of small and medium enterprises in Tianjin, how easy to enable these enterprises to financing has become the focus. Most financing needs of SMEs, start-up and growth-stage businesses with an average line of financing needs between 1.5 million to 8.5 million Yuan, and the satisfaction of financing is far from enough. Some cash flow needs of SMEs is high, and there are no related collateral, small unsecured loans to these enterprises will become a good choice.

    postal savings bank of China officials say, as long as proper risk control, mortgage-free return is good, postal savings bank of China launched "good spot" micro-credit business, quality excellent and good credit the customer the lowest interest rate is 15.66%. Personal unsecured loan risk, interest rate higher than the Central Bank's benchmark interest rate, proceeds more substantial, under the premise of ensuring risk control, as banks scrambled to launch loan products.

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