Standard Chartered Bank unsecured loan amount is raised to 1 million

    Lin Tien-fu (Standard Chartered Bank personal banking SME banking) recently said that Standard Chartered SME unsecured micro-credit has been promoted from 500,000 yuan to 1 million Yuan, the loan term from 2 years to 3 years to 4 years.

    Standard Chartered is currently the only unsecured micro-credit services to SMEs in foreign banks. From 2006 to carry out this operation, has issued $ 10 million in loans to more than 3,000 SMEs. Very ornate rich says: "at first in order to control risk, limit the loan to 500,000 yuan, after several years of market exploration, responded well, banks risk control, thus raising the quota ceiling to its current 1 million Yuan. "

    credit loans do not require any collateral risk is higher than conventional loans, the banking industry has rarely set foot in. Very ornate rich said Standard Chartered rates on such loans generally rising 16% to 20% in the benchmark interest rate.


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