Required to apply for a housing loan documentation

    1. applicant and spouse and eligible immediate family members involved in the calculation of housing accumulation Fund loan limit ID cards (and the documentation that came with your copy of ID card) 1 each.

    2. applicant and spouse and eligible accounts involved in the calculation of housing accumulation Fund loan limit of thin (and the documentation that came with your copy of Hukou) 1, if the applicant is not part of their household with their spouse, marriage instructions that extra

    3. origin of e 1; existing warrant should indicate whether it is commercial or home

     4. provided through the Trade Center's real estate contract of sale 2;

    5. price 30% or more than one advance payment receipt original and copy 1

    6. loan application form 1:1 personal commercial housing loan application form, personal housing accumulation Fund loan application form 2

    7. Loan contract and mortgage contract 1: Provident Fund loans 6 contracts, commercial contracts 5, 4 the mortgage contract; guarantee contracts 1;

    8. the borrower and spouse and eligible to participate in straight, a calculated amount of units and personal housing accumulation Fund account number (or employee housing Provident Fund balance statement) each 1

    9. The borrower and spouse and eligible blood relative agrees to use its housing fund a calculated amount of commitments each 1

    10. proof of family income and assets of the applicant. (According to notes situation determine, including wage single, and personal income tax tax single, foreign-funded enterprises employees by units provides months income proved; private business who provides units recently business tax, and income tax and the financial statements; Bank CDs, and securities and regular remittance source proved,)

    11. as above assets is applicants family members all, needed comes with about family members agreed common repayment commitment book 1 copies

&Nbsp;   12. has save full provides term of housing savings CDs and (or) passbook 1 copies (application housing savings personal housing commercial loan Shi needed provides, other type is without)

    13. Enterprise allows borrowing application handle enterprise housing fund personal housing loan of proved 1 copies (application Enterprise housing fund personal housing commercial loan Shi needed provides, other type is not)

&Nbsp;   ID: you can generally provide ID card, passport, certificate of servicemen is also effective. But note that the contract purchaser on all personnel and their spouses are required to provide. Should minors have not received identification cards providing one-child certificates, non-only-child birth certificates should be provided.

    marriage: married personnel of the above should provide a marriage certificate, adult unmarried should be proof of single, divorced persons should provide divorce certificate (Court judgments also available) did not remarry and divorce shows that widows should provide the death certificate of spouse (is indicated by a spouse on the booklet also available) and proof of spouse did not remarry. These proved to be the seat of the District Civil Affairs Bureau issued.

    proof of income: the income certificate should be stamped with the seal of the work unit and effective and specify contact person, contact phone number and address for bank verification.

    also offers you to buy House sale contract and home native copies of witness by intermediary organisations and seal housing fund receipts in advance.

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