Mortgage required conditions

    borrowers were legally obtained ownership of their property as collateral for bank loans as mortgage, mortgage loan must meet the following conditions:

    must be approved by the administration of industry and commerce registration, tax registration and inspection procedures and in accordance with the provisions of enterprises and legal persons;

    product marketing, production and operation of cost-effective, not misappropriated funds and abide by the credit;

    open a basic account or deposit account at a bank;

    repaying capability, original loan principal and interest due and payable loans liquidated; no settlement, had made a repayment plan approved by the Bank;

    approved by the standards of the bank credit rating, credit rating must be in principle a-level (or more);

    in addition to provisions of the State Council, limited liability companies and limited external equity investment total amount does not exceed the total net assets of 50%;

    the borrower's business and the integrity of the financial system, the main economic and financial indicators in line with the Bank's requirements;

    project applications for medium-and long-term loans must be approved by the competent national departments, new project of enterprise owners ' equity with total investment of no less than the national proportion of capital investment projects.

    property as collateral must be in conformity with the People's Republic of China relevant provisions of the law, the mortgagor must be legally entitled to ownership or disposition of collateral, and made clear to the Bank is willing to take the mortgage for the debtor to provide security.

    real estate mortgage mortgage rates shall not exceed a maximum 70%; transport equipment transport equipment, General machinery and tools mortgage, mortgage rates shall not exceed a maximum 60%; special-purpose machines, equipment and tools, and intangible assets (including land) and other property mortgaged, mortgage rates shall not exceed a maximum 50%.

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