Mortgage law knows how many

    1. mortgage of real estate in the matrimonial home, the problem that is mentioned in the divorce case, if mortgage of real estate is a matrimonial home and not the mortgagor owned by one person, the Bank's rights are not affected. Mortgage period generally will not consider a matrimonial problems, but if both spouses are joint owners, the files must both sign.

    If the couple divorce, fight for matrimonial interests, but interests of the mortgagee does not suffer the effects of asset allocation in divorce cases, and still enjoy a right of priority.

    2. mortgage of real estate if the use of Fund buying, then at the the mortgagee to exercise its right to sell later, provident fund accounts the amount required back to property owners, the rest was obtained from the mortgagee.

    Mortgage if you use Provident Fund and a loan from the Bank to buy a House, then the three parties will sign an agreement. Under the agreement, the mortgagee agrees after CPF Board at the the mortgagee to sell real estate, you can retrieve the mortgagor the Fund used to buy the House.

    3. past legal mortgagee as a trustee, and the mortgagee mortgage real estate to sell at the highest price. If the mortgagee is not at the highest price sold real estate, is considered to be in default, the mortgagor may recover damages. Mortgages in recent years that he is no longer considered to be a trustee, but is seen as a creditor, and therefore may not be with the best price to sell the mortgaged real estate. In fact, mortgage of real estate is sold by public auction, the pricing should be considered market value. The mortgagee will sell the real estate at the best available price. If the mortgagor thought the other was selling real estate at below-market prices, he may require the mortgagee shall prove that the price is the best price.

    4. under the Housing Ordinance, hdb should not be used as collateral for bank loans.

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