Introduce you to second-hand housing loan application procedure

    many friends purchase choose loans, but generally friends to buy second-hand housing loans but don't know how to. Program is not very complex, if you have plans to buy second-hand housing, and preparing for a loan, you can read the following introduction, which brings convenience to your application.

    1. guaranteed second-hand premise with the listing and trading of qualifications selection of second-hand and determining their transaction specific prices.

    2. House valuation: Select company with agent financial services institution mortgage qualifications assessed.

    3. buyers provide ID card, residence booklet, proof of income (Note: the higher income of loan applicants to better), if married couples provide marriage certificate, diploma (Note: higher education loan applicants to the better) and the purchase agreement.

    4. If possible provide proof of some other property such as automobiles, securities, other real estate and other property, which proved to be more convenient to make your loan approval.

    5. second-hand sellers should provide a certificate, identity card, residence booklet, if married couples provide marriage certificates, couple sold consent, if it is State approved relevant supporting materials should also be provided.

    6. complete second-hand housing mortgage application forms application forms and all supporting material to the Bank for approval.

    7. General banking in a few business days of home visits for the secondary and photographic archive.

    8. will notify borrowers after banks approved loans and loan commitments.

    9. buyer and seller for real estate transfer procedures.

    10. property after the transfer, the seller holds proof of ownership to the banks to withdraw the remaining. The completion of the relevant procedures of applying for a housing loan.

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