CCB does not second-hand housing loan policy adjustments

    care of second-hand House loan customers have recently seen media reports on the Internet Bank to suspend housing loan business, exit the secondary loan market. China Construction Bank said in an official clarification announcement posted says it is not policy adjustment to the second-hand housing loan business, and will continue to support the project.

    media reported last week: mortgages rose sharply in the first half, after a 150% out of risk concerns, cautiously up banks in the mortgage business, particularly housing loan business. At present, the Bank has suspended payments to a credit intermediary "rebates" will completely exit the secondary loan market.

    CCB bulletins response: CCB mortgage business as an important strategic business, actively supports the residents to buy one, the second-hand housing loan requirements, there is no exit from the housing loan market problem. Individual branch of the CCB recently for the local market situation, considering the cost, risk, and other factors, adjusted the interest relationship with the Agency.

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