Beware of residential buildings "unsecured" scam ads

    in recent days, some residents pasted a lot inside the building "unsecured" publicity, the advertisement to "unsecured loans" as bait to defraud victims pay a risk margin or a certain percentage of interest into providing bank account.

    characteristic of such cases are:

    1. modus operandi made unsecured loans as bait, primarily through mobile SMS, direct calls or advertising networks, newspapers and other media, the victim, while when it comes to loans, ask the victim to open a bank card, and deposit the loan amount in the card 10% to 30% the amount to show their capacity to repay. Or in small 1% to 3% interest, requires a risk margin and costs continue to ask the victim to remittances.

    2. offenders lied about their acquaintance can query into the victim's account in a bank money, taking bank loans into victims ' bank cards through the Internet and lure victims according to their requirements to open a bank card and online banking, to achieve the purpose of the transfer.

    3. victim's general lack of computer knowledge, processes are not familiar with Internet banking operation, before being cheated are not registered Internet access for online banking.

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